Product Safety Data (SDS) for Partyface Instant Color Hair Wax (Gold)

Safety Data Sheet

Prepared by Muhroo Innovations, LLC on 6/21/2018

1. Identification

Product Name:                                    Partyface Instant Color Hair Wax (Gold)

Product Substance:

Identification of Manufacturer:

                                                                                Imported by Muhroo Innovations, LLC

4161 Terrace Oaks Ln, Suwanee, GA, 30024, USA

Emergency Contact:    (404) 618-0736

                                                                                Distributed by EnTOP Material Co., Ltd.

715-A, BRC SMART Valley, 30, Songdomirae-ro,

Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

Emergency Contact:    82-32-819-1949


2. Hazards Identification

Most Important Hazards:                    Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause lung damage.

Ingestion:                                            No adverse health effects are expected from swallowing.

Skin contact:                                        May cause skin irritation

Eye contact:                                        Dust may cause irritation and inflammation.

Chronic Health Hazards:                      Prolonged or repeated exposure to dust may cause pulmonary problems.

Aggravated Medical Conditions:         Pulmonary disorders. Allergies.




3. Composition/Information on Ingredients

INCI Name                                                                   Composition (%)                      CAS No.

Water                                                                                                   60.30                                                     7732-18-5

VP/VA Copolymer                                                                           13.00                                                     25086-89-9

Titanium Dioxide                                                                              4.01                                                        13463-67-7

Carnauba wax                                                                                    4.00                                                        8015-86-9

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite                                                            2.76                                                        12003-38-2

Bees wax                                                                                             2.50                                                        8006-40-4

Dipropylene glycol                                                                           2.00                                                        25265-71-8

Polysorbate 60                                                                                  1.20                                                        9005-67-8

Cetearyl Alcohol                                                                               1.00                                                        67762-27-0

Iron Oxides                                                                                         0.58                                                        1903-37-1

Phenoxyethanol                                                                               0.40                                                        122-99-6

Tin Oxide                                                                                             0.03                                                        18282-10-5


4. First-Aid Measures

After inhalation (of dust particles):           Move person to fresh air. Aid in breathing.

After Ingestion:                                                                 If large quantities are ingested, seek medical advice.

After skin contact:                                           Wash off with soap and clean water.

After eye contact:                                            Immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.



5. Fire-Fighting Measures

Flash Point, ℃:                                                  Not available

Autoignition Temperature, ℃:                    Not available

Explosive limit (Lower/Upper), %:             Not available

Extinguishing media:                                       Carbon Dioxide, Water, Fire foam, Dry chemical media

Special risks:                                                       Non-combustible. Ambient fire may liberate hazardous vapors.

Special protective equipment for fire-fighting:

Don’t stay in dangerous zone without self-contained breathing apparatus

Unusual fire and Explosion Hazards:         Not a fire or explosion hazard.


6. Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautionary measures:           Avoid inhalation of dusts.

Procedures for cleaning/absorption:        Take up dry.

Forward for disposal.

Clean up affected area.

Avoid generation of dusts.


7. Handling & Storage

Handling:                                                             Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid contact with eyes.

Storage:                                                               Store in cool dry place.



8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Personal protective equipment

Respiratory protection:                                  Required to protect when dusts are generated

Hand protection:                                              Use recommended

Eye protection:                                                 Safety glasses with the side shields.

Ventilation:                                                         Required General ventilation

Industrial Hygiene:                                          Change contaminated clothing.

Wash hands after working with substance


9. Physical and Chemical Properties

Appearance:                                                      Gold Cream

pH value (at 5g powder per 50ml ethanol solution)

4 – 9

Melting & Boiling point:                                Not available

Ignition temperature & Flash point:         Not available

Density (20℃) (g/cm3):                                 Not available

Viscosity:                                                             Not available

Solubility in water (20℃):                             Soluble


10. Stability and Reactivity

Stability data:                                                     Stable under normal conditions.

Conditions to be avoided:                             Extreme heat, sparks, and open flame. Incompatible materials, oxidizers and oxidizing conditions.

Incompatible materials:                                 None

Hazardous decomposition products:        None



11. Toxicological Information

Acute toxicity – Oral:                                       Not available

Acute toxicity – Inhalation:                            Not available

Acute toxicity – Dermal:                                 Not available

Acute toxicity – Other:                                    Not available


12. Ecological Information

Ecotoxic effects:               Quantitative data on the ecological effect of this product are not available.

Further ecological data: No ecological problems are to be expected when the product is handled and used with due care and attention.


13. Disposal Considerations

Product:                               To be disposed of in compliance with the local regulations.

Packaging:                           This product packaging must be disposed of in compliance with the local regulations.

Must be passed to a packaging return system.


14. Transport Information

UN Class/ UN Number:                                  Not applicable

Proper Shipping Name:                                  Not applicable

Hazard Class:                                                      Not applicable

Packing Group:                                                  Not applicable

Marine Pollutant:                                             Not applicable

Special Precautions:                                        Not applicable

IATA:                                                                     Not applicable



15. Regulatory Information

United States:    This product or its ingredients are listed on or compliant with TSCA inventory.

Europe:                This product or its ingredients are listed on or compliant with EINECS.

Japan:                   This product or its ingredients are listed on or compliant with MITI.


16. Other Information

The information on use is based on data which are believed reliable, but any recommendation or suggestion made are without guarantee or warranty, since the conditions of use are outside our control. All products are sold on the conditions that purchasers shall make their own tests to determine the suitability of such products for their purpose and that all risks are assumed by user. We disclaim any responsibility for damages resulting from careless or improper handling or use. Nothing herein is to be taken as permission, inducement or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license.

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